The Flood of 29 March 2011'.


On the evening of 29th March 2011 a disastrous flood has hit the province of Krabi
in Southern Thailand and most of the rest of the Malay Peninsula.
Mud slides devastated several areas north of the provincial capital,

and the Krabi River side, as result of such burden, flooded a huge mass of mud and

water that submerged an extensive area of the city. Several hundred people,

mainly from the surrounding countryside, are still missing.


Janram Warndee, founder of the no-profit organization The Krabi Enduro Team,

and her family have suffered an unfortunate inundation that thanks god, without life casualties,

has however left her house wrecked. The only family’s financial support, Janram’s Thailand's

Off-Road Adventures motorcycle and bicycle company has been struck by the same fate,

and all the motorcycles and equipment have been buries in tick mud.

This disaster has resulted in a deadly blow to Janram family’s hard earn attempt to establish an

off-road activity that is unique in his kind in this part of the Malay Peninsula.

Janram and family is kindly asking for help. Please do whatever you can,

and most than anything else, come to ride with Janram's ''Thailand Off-Road Adventures''

now dad we have all the bikes up and running run again.



The family Warndee and the Krabi Enduro team.



The Kamala Enduro Club event


On August 01 and 02, 2010, The Kamala Enduro Club of Pukhet has hosted again a motorcycle

off-road event that drew 57 riders from as far as Chang Mai and Bangkok.

The mastermind of this well organized weekend of games was

Mr. Santi Atthasap, vice-chief executive of Kamala subdistric administrative organization,

and president of the local Enduro Club, who designed an enjoyable and sometimes extremely technical raid

through the mountains of central Pukhet.

The support of Riding Magazine and other national sponsors contribute to elevate the level of this occurrence

that stretched through sport, friendship and charity purposes.

Riders of surprising excellent skills kept the competition happy while the wet terrains made few victims

with its treacherous obstacles of slippery roots, stones, and sticky mud.

At the end of a 3 hours ride however all participants were satisfied from a weekend that saw the activity

of dirt motorcycling at its best even in an island that, so famous to tourists,

would never be considered that suitable for adventure riding.

Our Krabi Off-Road Team was pleased to have supported such successful event.